Wrong Dieting

As experts think, one-third of all cases of cancer diseases are drawn by the Wrong diet. This problem became especially critical last few years. The reason is simple; natural foods cost more and more.

Our diet drastically changed last year; we consume fewer animal proteins, vegetable foods; however, we eat more carbohydrates, animal, and synthetic fats. The last ones are the most dangerous, by the way. As a result, the overweight problem arises.

It was noticed more than 30 years ago that obese women after the age of 30 get more often the cancer of mammary glands or ovaries.

So, what to do?

It’s necessary to change your diet and to decrease risk in possible ways. First of all, doctors advise you to strike out from your menu all smoked foods: fish, chicken, pork; it doesn’t matter what.

It is almost impossible to find in shops products made with natural smoking; the production of such foods is going according to intensive technologies with adding food additives, coloring agents, etc.

Nobody knows what kind of chemical processes take place with proteins and fats as a result. It would be necessary to do a lot of tests in order to make a definite resume.

The other moment is to reduce the consumption of fatty kinds of meat and fish, do not eat very roasted food, especially with crust, as it collects the most dangerous carcinogens for our body.

The main kind of cooking for you should be boiling, steaming, baking, and making food in a pressure cooker.

It concerns as meat dishes as vegetable ones. Don’t think if you use vegetable oils for roasting; you make yourself more secure.

Truly there is no difference in the fat you are roasting on; carcinogens are generated in it anyway.

Do not take synthetic fats, margarine; exclude from your diet refined vegetable oils. There are no exact data about the real harm of refined oils. Nevertheless, the information about their harmful influence on the human body appears rather often.

Decrease the consumption of bread and products from white flour. Using these simple methods, you will be able to secure your body somehow. And we wouldn’t even talk about addictions.

It goes without saying. However, we would give one more advice about foods: read the content attentively. Remember old recipes and use natural spices, cook as your grand-grand mothers cooked.

You could find lots of recipes that will teach you to cook natural, tasty dishes. Sticking to all these simple rules, you will surely reduce the risk of getting some cancer disease, and you will recondition your body as well.


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