Women’s bodies are in a constant state of change. Some of the biggest changes occur when a woman passes the age of 40. At this age, your body is subtly changing.

Your metabolism is slowing, your muscle and bone density are dropping, and you may see a decline in your libido.

For many women, the demands they face in their daily life may lead to depression and stress. Exercise is one way to combat these problems.

There are a number of low impact workouts for women over 40 that can help boost your metabolism, make you feel better about yourself, and improve your overall health.

Below Are the 4 Low Impact Workouts For Women Over 40

Strength Training

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You don’t have to go to the gym and lift heavyweight to benefit from strength training. In fact, many strength training routines can be completed with a set of dumbells, a kettlebell, or resistance bands.

Strength training can help increase your metabolism while helping to build bone and muscle density. Strength training can also help to tone your muscles, which can make you look slimmer even if you don’t lose any weight.


Walking is one of the most inexpensive and easily accessible workouts for anyone 40 and up. You don’t even need shoes to walk, although you find them helpful if you plan on walking on a hard surface.

If you’ve never exercised before, walking the best place to start. A 30 minutes walk, three times per week can help to increase your metabolism over time.

As you progress, you may decide to increase the intensity of your walking workout by walking for a longer duration, walking faster, or running.


workouts for women over 40

Yoga comes in many forms. It can be a gentle movement or an intense cardio and bodyweight exercise. Most forms of yoga are very relaxing and can help combat the symptoms of stress. Stress can cause many health issues, which can exacerbate the changes your body is experiencing. To start with yoga, find a class or yoga instructor to work with you.

If you don’t do the yoga stretches correctly, you can injure yourself, thus negating any benefit you would have received.


workouts for women over 40

Biking is a leisurely activity, but it can become an intense workout if you wish. If you’ve ridden a bike as a child, you know that a leisurely ride on a flat road can be fun and somewhat relaxing.

However, if you take your bike uphill and downhill, you will get a very intense cardio workout. Biking can help increase your metabolism and build your muscle strength.

The best thing about these workouts for women over 40 is that you don’t have to do them alone. In fact, each of these exercises is more fun when you do them with someone.

If you find a friend to work out with, you’re more likely to stick to your routine. By doing one, or all, of these exercises at least three times per week, you’ll start to feel healthier and look better. And, best of all, you will be combatting the signs of aging and subtle body chan.


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