Product: TrueStretch 500

Manufacturer: True Fitness
MSRP $1200
Contact a Sales Consultant for current pricing.

The new residential TrueStretch flexibility unit has been designed and built on the very same principals as our commercial model, which is used in health clubs, by professional and college teams, and by many professional athletes and their trainers.

This exciting product has the unique ability to stretch the body in all three planes of motion – sagittal (front and back), frontal (side to side), and transverse (rotational) – while keeping the user in natural upright positions with 4 points of contact for proper body alignment, stability, and safety.

With TrueStretch, there is no more lying on the floor or leaning uncomfortably over an exercise ball.TrueStretch is user-friendly and is great for all ages and body types. If you like yoga or Pilates, you will love TrueStretch!Flexibility is central to every human activity. It transcends performance.

And it’s critical to maintaining a full range of motion and agility that is so important.

  • Benefits to improved flexibility from the TrueStretch include: Reduces stress as it promotes relaxation
  • Reduces muscle soreness and tightness enable injured muscles to properly heal
  • Engages under-utilized muscles promotes a general feeling of balance and well-being
  • Reduces repetitive-motion injuries improve posture and balance Increases energy
  • Enhances mental alertness as it improves blood flow Improves range of motion proper warm-up before and cool-down after an activity
  • Enhances power, coordination, and stamina
  • Elongates muscle fibers for intensified contraction during movement Decreases harmful toxin accumulation in the muscles

Until now, flexibility training has often been overlooked because it was not easy, efficient, and organized.

The patented TrueStretch from True Fitness has changed all that.

The TrueStretch flexibility unit has been designed to enable you to make flexibility training easy and efficient.

The TrueStretch comes with an easy-to-follow exercise manual attached right to the frame of the product.

This full-color photo-illustrated manual is organized into seven activity-based categories, each featuring 24 different stretches. All are designed to mimic real-life, real-world stretches including performance-enhancing stretches that have made TrueStretch a favorite of professional athletes and personal trainers.

With the TrueStretch, you can: Efficiently stretch the body in all three planes of motion Maintain natural upright body positions with 4 points of contact Comfortably ease into, perform, and ease out of each stretch Effectively isolate a specific muscle for concentrated stretching Facilitate compound stretching allowing you to stretch multiple muscle groups in different planes of motion


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