Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) – Healthy Food For Brain

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12, popularly known as Cobalamin among the chemist fami, is a water-soluble vitamin. It is one of the 8 B vitamins. Like any other vitamin Cobalamin also has a variety of roles to play in the human body. It is the biggest and most structurally complex vitamin and can be generated industrially only by bacterial fermentation...

Boost Weight Loss With These Simple Tips! Very Easy To Follow

Weight Loss guides
Chewing sugarless gum can really put a dent in those cravings. Gum can help you to forget you are hungry. You should be careful not to overdo this because it is unhealthy. When beginning to watch your diet, try planning your meals around 2,000 calories per day. Research every meal to know correctly what vitamins and nutrients you...

Quick And Easy Ideas To Help You Lose Weight The Healthy Way

There will be lots of natural fluctuations in your weight. You should pay attention to the long-term trend your weight is taking, not the day-by-day numbers on the scale. As long as you are losing weight overall, you are good. Envelope yourself with blue. Some studies show that blue is actually an appetite suppressant. Use blue decorations...

Do Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Systems Work? Full Info

colon cleanse
By Jane Downing Colon cleansing is a confusing conglomeration of truths, ideas, and tall tales. In addition, quite a few untruths exist as well, particularly in the area of colon cleanse weight loss systems. Due to this confusion, many dishonest merchants have sprung up to hawk their deceitful products. As a result, the market has been flooded...

Fitness for 50 Plus: Stay Fit After 50 And Beyond!

Now you may wonder why the title has to differentiate age. Fitness for 50 Plus is because most people have an image that after 50, as the saying goes, everything is down the hill. That is ironic because if whatever goes downhill, it will go fast, and yet, in actuality, after 50, generally speaking, things...