P90X Results

P90X Results… are they real?

You’ve seen the infomercial… a bunch of fit people working out, lead by this one Xtreme guy, Tony Horton.

We’re talking about P90X.

But is this just like so many other infomercials… sounds too good to be true?

Can I REALLY get results with P90X workouts?
Can I REALLY get 6 pack abs working out with the P90X video?
Can I really get back into the pant size that I was in when I went to High School?

Well, we’re gonna talk about that & more.

This is my P90X Review

So let’s get into it. I won’t bore you with too many details, just the highlights. Because you’re reading this not to find out about me, but to see if P90X is for real or a bunch of junk. Right? If you read my bio, then you know that after much frustration with my physical appearance & knowing that I was 6 months away from turning 40, I knew that it was time for a drastic change.P90X

After doing a lot of research & asking, I decided to start my first round in September 2017 and see if I could get the P90X results as I’d read.

I was encouraged by the people that I found on the Beachbody forums, such as Mike French, who had gotten amazing results from P90X and also done an excellent P90X review.

I ordered several Beachbody equipment gears to help get me through the program. Specifically, the P90X pull up bar & the P90X Power Stands. I also bought the Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells.

They were cool!

So I began on September 24, 20017 and I was struggling! On the third day, at the end of the Shoulders & Arms workout, I collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted! But it was a good exhausted! Then I did Yoga X the next day and let me tell you, did I feel stupid! (Now I enjoy it!).

I discovered that my legs are very weak during the Legs & Back workout on Day 5.

And did I mention pull-ups? I could barely knock out 4 pull-ups in the beginning. And even then, my form was very sketchy…All I knew was that this P90X workout routine was kicking my 39.5-year-old butt!

But – I was really enjoying it! I was eating clean, logging all my food intake on www.myfitnesspal.com just so I’d know if I was on track or not.

And over time, I started to see my P90X results from P90X.

I was a happy camper!

I started at 195 lbs and by the end of 30 disciplined days, I was down to 188. That was a lot of eating right & following the workout plan to a “T”. At the end of the 90 days, I was down to 173 and was wearing 31″ jeans! My body fat % had dropped from 19.4% to 12%.

I was definitely some definition in my arms. I could now start to see my abs poking through for the first time! Oh yeah, 40, BRING IT! The thing that amazed me was my results of the Fit Test before and after. Not only did I see the results & feel the results, but my STRENGTH had increased a lot.

I’ve continued over the past 5 years as I’ve finished over 10 rounds of P90X, in addition to INSANITY, P90X+, P90X2, Tony Horton’s One on One Series, Les Mills Pump Body Beast and now Kina and I are doing P90X3.

I finished P90X around Christmas of 2017. I was more than satisfied with my results! Really, the bottom line is, if you’re willing to bring it and not make excuses for why you can’t do it, P90X will transform you.

It did me!

So what about you? Do you want to have your own results from P90X?

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And if you’re a “value shopper”, the P90X Challenge Pack is your best bet.

Thanx for reading my review of my P90X Results!~Jeff & Kina Wald~

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About the Authors: Jeff & Kina WaldJeff & Kina Wald are the subjects of an upcoming Beachbody documentary on obesity.

It all started in 20017 when Jeff started P90X as a 39-year-old, out of shape drummer with a sedentary lifestyle as an insurance agent.

90 days later, he was in the best shape of his life from deciding to make a change, committing to finishing the program and putting in the work.

Jeff & Kina have helped countless people get in the best shape of their lives through their monthly Fitness/Nutrition Accountability Groups. They’ve helped people lose a little bit, all the way to a few losing over 200lbs. They started the Portland Fit Club which has bi-weekly free classes, averaging 60-80 people of all fitness levels.


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