herbal remedies for PMS

Article By Sarah Smith

I woke up this morning with swollen and I knew it was time to review my herbal remedies for PMS.

My typical symptoms include bloating, breast tenderness, and general sensitivity of the emotions.

Instead of taking medicines or going to the doctor’s to get hormone therapy to go on birth control, I’d much rather use my favorite herbs.

For Water Retention

This is the first symptom that appears. It starts about a week before menstruation and continues until a few days after menstruation is finished.

There are a few things that I do to deal with it.

PMS Tea Blend – Traditional Medicinals has a blend that is designed to combat water retention.

I usually have a cup or two a day at the first sign of symptoms.

Dandelion tincture – I take a dropperful of dandelion tincture once or twice a day as needed for water retention.

This is my favorite herbal diuretic. Nettle infusion. Stinging nettle is my all-time favorite healing herb.

And, it’s also great for water retention! Make a pot of infusion (1/2 cup dried herb added to 1-quart hot water and steeped for 4-8 hours) and drink as much as you want. I love it iced!

Breast Tenderness

I won’t be detailed, but I definitely need to get this particular symptom under control. If you’re afflicted with it, you know what I mean!

Here are some tips.

Magnesium-rich foods. Often, this symptom comes about because of a magnesium deficiency. So, work on including magnesium-rich foods. These include beans, nuts, and vegetables.

I’ve been analyzing my diet and I don’t appear to eat enough fresh vegetables. I bet that will help.

Red clover infusion. This is prepared the same way as nettle infusion. Use the dried red clover flowers. Drink as much as you feel you need. Just listen – you’re body will tell you when you’ve had enough.

General Sensitive

I don’t have severe mood swings or anything, but I’m definitely more sensitive. My eyes welled up with tears today when I was listening to the news. I remember watching the Olympics when I had PMS and crying each time someone won a medal. Yup, it’s gotta be the hormones! To calm the nerves, I use some of the following gentle herbal remedies

Chamomile tea

This is my all-time favorite calming remedy. I only use it as needed. If I feel particularly sensitive, I’ll enjoy a cup of it!

Oatstraw infusion

This is another herb that can be prepared the same way as the nettle. As an FYI I like to use a quart mason jar for all my infusions. Drink as much as you want. This tastes particularly good sweetened with honey. And that’s it – that’s my RX plan and herbal remedies for PMS.

As a side note, it’s best to buy the infusion herbs in bulk. Whenever I need to do that, I use Mountain Rose Herbs because of the quality.

They’ve never failed me! All the herbs are well cared for and still look vibrant when I get them.


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