Now you may wonder why the title has to differentiate age. Fitness for 50 Plus is because most people have an image that after 50, as the saying goes, everything is down the hill.

That is ironic because if whatever goes downhill, it will go fast, and yet, in actuality, after 50, generally speaking, things seem to slow down.

Fitness for 50 Plus considers these issues

With an opportunity to continue staying healthy with a few alternatives.

Now some over 50 would disagree, and good for you. Keep doing what you are doing, and we’ll see you back at Fitness for 50 Plus when you need it.

This information is general, so when reading if it applies to you right, if it doesn’t, then read on. When we age, 50 is a time when systems in the body slow down. With men, I hear that they are gathering a gut in the midsection. With women, I hear the complaint of little upper body strength.

Now, of course, these could be switched, and again are only examples. Many gym facilities have classes specifically for over 50. This allows the clientele to take classes and feel comfortable and able. If you are over 50 and have generally kept fit, continue what you are doing.

If you feel you can’t live as much as before because you seem to tire quicker, then decrease your weight. It’s better to fall than stop. Something is always better than nothing.

There are a few ideas of why that would happen; make sure you are eating enough to sustain your workout. If you have done the same routine for quite a while, change it up, it may be boredom. If you haven’t worked out, per se, but you feel now that you are 50 plus, you should start being fit, good for you.

Stick around. We’ll get you there. Begin very slowly. Make small changes. Park your car further away from work or shopping and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Now, if you work on the 20th floor, that doesn’t mean walk 20 flights. Take the elevator 10-15 floors and walk the rest. Again something is ALWAYS better than nothing. After your meals, if the opportunity presents itself, walk for 10-15 minutes. Stairs are also great for cardio.

If you usually walk and it is raining, get to a flight of stairs and go up and down for 10 minutes. It works the hamstrings. Strength training is also easy to move up a scale from beginner to more advanced quickly. Begin by lifting cans of food if you don’t have weights. I must say small loads from 1 lb to 5 lbs are relatively inexpensive.

It would be a good investment in yourself. If you feel you don’t have time to set aside for a program of any length, then while you are watching tv, during the commercials live your weights.

For this Fitness for 50 Plus article, we are sticking to getting started. We will then have future articles on nutrition, motivation, and the proper techniques for lifting weights. The methods are essential to get the most benefit for your muscles. With proper technique, you will do less and gain more. It is a win/win situation. Check Out the next article Fitness For 50-Year-Olds by Eleanor Cheyne.



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