Is it hard to make your body slim? Already eat less and to the gym every day. However, bodyweight was not reduced.


For some people, maintaining an ideal body weight is not an easy matter. Moreover, losing weight and excess fat. If during this time, you feel you’ve made every effort, try to look again.

Perhaps, one or more of the following things, without you knowing it had been sabotaging effort to streamline your body.StressFor some people, stress can make their body thin. But for others, precisely the opposite happened.

Why is that?

Because, when stress, the body produces stress hormones, cortisol.

At the higher cortisol levels, would suppress the production of the leptin hormone, which controls appetite.

As a result, hunger and satiety signals become chaotic. Even more dangerous, in times of stress, the fat in the hips and thighs will move to the area around the abdomen.

It’s not a good sign, because abdominal fat is very dangerous for the heart. Solve problems that prop in your mind as soon as possible.

Take time for relaxation, for example, go for a walk, enjoying the spa, or soothing yoga practice.

Physical Exercise

Yoga Zumba Tai Ji

Supposedly, the more we exercise, then our body will more quickly trim. But in reality, strenuous exercise also gives stress to the body. Thus, the body will react by producing cortisol hormone.

This is actually a normal thing, but, if you continue doing strenuous exercise without giving the body a chance to rest and repair damaged tissue, accumulates cortisol will make all your efforts to be slim will be in vain.

Perform aerobic exercise, such as walking, gymnastics, aerobics, swimming or cycling with low to moderate intensity.

Perform a minimum of 30 minutes, to 60 minutes. Give your body time to rest, for example, a three-day exercise, a day off.


fatsKeep in mind how your emotional attachment to food. Perhaps, once as a child, you often “fed” chocolate or ice cream by parents when fussy? It is unconsciously embedded in the mind.

When feeling uncomfortable, you tend to find comfort in foods earlier. No wonder, when you do not touch it at all, it makes you miss half to death on food in the future. Enter the ice cream, chocolate, or a favorite candy in your diet, certainly considering the portions and calories.

Choose sugar-free and without fat. If possible, look similar, but lower in calories.

Food Portions

Do you have a tendency to spend what is presented in a restaurant? Similarly, you tend to spend a pack of potato chips.

Psychologically, you would think the food should not remain, because you already paid. Eat slowly and listen to your body.

Stop before the glut. Eat foods in smaller portions, because over time, the body will recognize and be familiar with your portion sizes—SleepLack of sleep, as bad as to much sleep.

People who sleep less, it could actually be overweight. That is why it is advisable to give enough time for sleep.

Numerous studies show that people who slept five hours or less are more prone to overweight than those who slept 7 hours a day. Logically, when a lack of sleep, the hormones that regulate hunger and satiety become chaotic.

So you tend to want to eat on. In addition, when tired, you tend to seek comfort in food. Lack of sleep also makes you sleepy at work, so tend to eat or drink to eliminate sleepiness.

Get used to sleeping 6-8 hours a day. If you have sleep problems, such as sleep apnea (breathing disorder that makes you often wake up) or insomnia, you should see a doctor get treatment.


Some drugs that you consume contain the possibility of side effects, which make the weight increase.

Among other things, diabetes medications, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory steroid type, controlling blood pressure, and hormone therapy.

What you may not expect, antihistamines are usually contained in a drug allergy (sometimes in cold medications and sleeping pills) can increase the effect of the weight gain.

Because, antihistamines make the body metabolism slows down, and sometimes stimulate AMP kinase enzyme that works to increase appetite you suspect a drug that you consume, make your weight increased, tell your doctor, and ask for other alternatives.

But do not stop taking drugs that have been prescribed by your doctor, with carelessly.


People who watch television for three hours or more each night tended to consume fast food, compared to only watch one hour or less. Cause, you become less mobile and affected by food advertising on television. A consumer survey shows that most people consider food advertising has prompted them to consume foods high in calories. Reduce watching television or move the channel during the commercials. Prepare healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit.


If you have a short-term motivation, for example, want to look slim on the day of marriage, chances are, you just lean a little while. Once the target is reached, you tend to go back to old eating and activity patterns. Should you have any long-term targets. For example, want your body to be fitter and slimmer so that would not suffer from heart disease.


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