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Drug addiction in Arkansas is a problem that devastates families and relations, regardless of race, religion, or social and economic status.

Often, the process of finding drug rehabilitation in Arkansas that works when the addict is reaching for help can be overwhelming.

We can help by providing information on hundreds of drug rehabilitation centers and rehab treatments throughout the state of Arkansas.

Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient rehabs, government-funded or private, we can assist you in finding the right facility that is right for you or your loved one.

If drug addiction and/or alcoholism are continually stopping someone you love from succeeding in life, let us help find a drug rehab treatment or alcoholism treatment that’s right for him.

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Drug rehabilitation Arkansas

Over the past forty years, rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction has greatly improved.

In a short period of time, drug treatment centers for alcohol and other drugs have proliferated and differentiated into many different clinical approaches.

From the end of the WW II through the 1960s, nearly all rehab centers were flophouses medically helping individuals withdrawing from alcohol.

Bed-rest, Librium, and a small amount of B12 and other vitamins were provided.

These techniques were utilized in order to prevent DT’s (Delirium tremens) and seizures that can lead to brain damage and/or fatality.

The duration of stay in these centers extended from a few days to no more than 14 days.

Some private centers in the state of Arkansas would keep individuals addicted to alcohol for longer periods of time, but these centers were generally wings of an existing hospital.

The clinical imperative was focused on psychiatry and mental health disorders, and addiction was seen as a secondary consequence of a primary mental disorder.

More recently, with drugs such as LSD, crack cocaine, and methamphetamines, addicts require more successful clinical interventions than the alcoholics of the past.

In Arkansas, alcohol and drug rehabilitation has now become diversified, and people need to be aware of the many different approaches available to those suffering from an addiction.

Some of these changes have brought extremely innovative treatment approaches that are proving themselves to be successful.

Others have resorted to assigning a label of disease to addiction, saying that this disease lasts forever and progressively gets worse with time, even when the addict is in recovery and no longer using alcohol and other drugs.

Detox centers Arkansas

Numerous residential treatment facilities in the state of Arkansas will not accept someone into their program until they have completed a Detox.

In reality, it means that these treatment centers are not staffed or equipped to handle the medical precautions required during the drug or alcohol withdrawal.

It is recommended to find a rehab center in Arkansas that will be responsible for both Detoxification and rehabilitation.

The majority of individuals with a drug or alcohol addiction will feel that the week or two of Detox was all they needed.

They will not be as willing to confront the emotional side of their addiction and are less likely to agree to continue their treatment if the treatment is provided in two different centers.

But the fact remains that less than 5% of Detox graduates in Arkansas will stay off of alcohol and other drugs.

Two categories of Detoxification are available in Arkansas.

According to the duration, quantity of alcohol, and drugs are taken and the type of drugs used, someone may need either social model detox or medical model detox.

Social model detox might only consist of confined bed rest and someone to take vital signs to make sure that more intense care isn’t needed.

However, there are certain social model detox facilities that provide mega-vitamin therapy, massages, good nutrition, and other holistic practices to reduce the level of anxiety and discomfort of the patient.

As a result, the patient generally agrees to continue the rehabilitation treatment.

In Arkansas, medical Detox is required for severe alcohol consumption and chronic use of barbiturates and other pharmaceutical drugs that are known to cause seizures.

In these instances, the individual definitely needs medical assistance to safely come off the drugs or alcohol.

The information for the state of Arkansas has been provided by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

The state of Arkansas has a total population of 2,692,090 residents, including 6,596 law enforcement officers, 16,600 inmates in the state prison, and 28,119 individuals on parole. Arkansas comes 22nd in the national ranking for violent crimes rate.

During 2004, there were 714.8 kgs. of cocaine, 0.2 kgs. of heroin, 12.9 kgs.of methamphetamine, 6,304.2 kgs. of marijuana, and 271 tablets of ecstasy seized IN Arkansas.

There were also 800 meth labs seized by the DEA, state, and local authorities.

The availability and rate of drug abuse in the state of Arkansas remain elevated, coinciding with the smuggling of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana for local use and further distribution.

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