Wrong Diet Is The Reason of One Third of All Cancer Cases

Wrong Dieting
As experts think, one-third of all cases of cancer diseases are drawn by the Wrong diet. This problem became especially critical last few years. The reason is simple; natural foods cost more and more. Our diet drastically changed last year; we consume fewer animal proteins, vegetable foods; however, we eat more carbohydrates, animal, and synthetic...

Live a Healthy and “Green” Lifestyle: A Simple And Short Guide

BYOB Bring your own bag to the grocery store, shopping, and out to eat! Check out BYOB, where they offer stylish bags that you can take with you anywhere! GARDEN Start your own garden! There are now many places that offer real seeds, not "hybrid seeds," and that you can purchase and can be re-used! Start your garden...

How to live a Healthy Lifestyle: A Small Guide For You!

There are so many ways to talk about Health and maintaining it for living in a healthy lifestyle. Think Simply all creatures of this planet must have three vitals to survive such are 1) Sunshine 2) Air 3) Water Except for Sunshine, which is from the core of the Solar system-The SUN, you only can survive a few minutes...

Children Obesity: What Causes and How to Handle It?

Obesity in children is a sign of an imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure. Excessive consumption of foods, especially those that contain lots of calories but do not offset by enough physical activity, will make the body store excess unused energy into fat deposits. A 4-year-old child, who suffered from obesity, likely to be...

Television – The Good Effects on Children Really?

Family watching tv
While we continuously see the television from a negative perspective that it has adverse effects on the mindset of kids nowadays. Let us keep in mind that you can find great effects of watching television as long as done in moderation along with the proper program is being watched. Some parents have been conscious for...
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