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Product: TrueStretch 500 Manufacturer: True Fitness MSRP $1200 Contact a Sales Consultant for current pricing. The new residential TrueStretch flexibility unit has been designed and built on the very same principals as our commercial model, which is used in health clubs, by professional and college teams, and by many professional athletes and their trainers. This exciting product has the...

Useful Exercises for Cricket Players! They Must Follow Them

Cricket Players
1. ABDOMINAL BRACE - SINGLE LEG EXTENSION Lie on the floor, arms by side, knees bent- One foot on the floor, another leg slightly raised- Brace abdominals- Slowly extend raised leg- Ensure low back maintains neutral alignment Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions. Rest 60 seconds between sets. 2. ABDOMINAL BRACE - ELBOWS & TOES ...
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