TrueStretch 500 – True Fitness

Product: TrueStretch 500 Manufacturer: True Fitness MSRP $1200 Contact a Sales Consultant for current pricing. The new residential TrueStretch flexibility unit has been designed and built on the very same principals as our commercial model, which is used in health clubs, by professional and college teams, and by many professional athletes and their trainers. This exciting product has the...

P90X Results? An Honest Review By Jeff About P90X Program

P90X Results
P90X Results… are they real? You’ve seen the infomercial… a bunch of fit people working out, lead by this one Xtreme guy, Tony Horton. We’re talking about P90X. But is this just like so many other infomercials… sounds too good to be true? Can I REALLY get results with P90X workouts? Can I REALLY get 6 pack abs working...

GroupX (Fitness Classes) Move It Or Lose It Class

GroupX (Fitness Classes)
This class features an aerobic workout done to the "oldies." This class is ideal for older adults, beginning exercisers, people with a desire to get back into shape, or for exercisers who are looking to supplement their workout routine. The workout consists of a cardio segment, followed by strengthening and toning exercises for the...

A Chiropractic Look At The Need For Body Building And Physical Fitness

Joint And Muscle Pain
Many individuals know the significance of keeping physical fitness, but few comprehend precisely what that entails. Exact guidelines of physical fitness take a variety of issues into consideration, which include cardiovascular status, body mass index, and overall strength and endurance. Although many people know that they have to exercise to keep their cardiovascular system healthy, few...

Using Interval Training to Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness Level

Interval training
Interval training is a great way to spice up your workout routines. It is the kind of workout that will significantly increase your cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength, flexibility, and core. Interval training has dramatically increased in popularity over the last couple of years, as it has become widespread knowledge that it works very...

Joint And Muscle Pain: How To Get Relief From Them?

Joint And Muscle Pain Problem
Joints make the connections in our bones, and they provide help and support to the movements of the body. When the joints are damaged or injured either due to a disease or an accident, it induces pain. There are various conditions that lead to pain in the joints including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, strains,...

Useful Exercises for Cricket Players! They Must Follow Them

Cricket Players
1. ABDOMINAL BRACE - SINGLE LEG EXTENSION Lie on the floor, arms by side, knees bent- One foot on the floor, another leg slightly raised- Brace abdominals- Slowly extend raised leg- Ensure low back maintains neutral alignment Complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions. Rest 60 seconds between sets. 2. ABDOMINAL BRACE - ELBOWS & TOES ...

Reasons You Are Facing Body Pain All Over?

body pain all over
The human body is capable of handling a lot of exertion, but there is obviously a limit. The human body gets tired if it works more than its capacity. At this point, the human body needs rest, or else the individual will feel pain in the body. Body pain is of different types, and...

What Are Aches And Pains? Reasons Why We Are Facing Them

This fast-paced life has its perils. One of the most prominent drawbacks of such a lifestyle is the deterioration of one’s health. Pain is simply a sensation that hurts. Millions are affected by various pains and aches spread throughout the body, with a whopping 31 million Americans suffering from random lower back pain. Body pain...

Fitness for 50 Plus: Stay Fit After 50 And Beyond!

Now you may wonder why the title has to differentiate age. Fitness for 50 Plus is because most people have an image that after 50, as the saying goes, everything is down the hill. That is ironic because if whatever goes downhill, it will go fast, and yet, in actuality, after 50, generally speaking, things...
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