Should you do cardio before or after weights?

This is a great question, one that doesn’t have a perfect answer, but there are a couple of excellent points to keep track of.

Like so many other aspects of fitness, it depends on what your ultimate goals are. A lot of people say do cardio at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach; some say doing cardio before you hit the weights is the best.

You can’t get a body like this without doing some fat loss cardio…

It doesn’t matter if it is sports for cardio, treadmill, swimming or something else…

You have to do it

Well, I will dispel one myth right away. Doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach is not the best choice.

This is a terrible idea

Not so much doing your cardio in the morning, but doing it without eating when you wake up.

Your body will need to feed the muscles some way, and if you don’t have any fuel in there, it is going to pull from other tissues before it pulls from fat.

If your goal is to have a very lean body like a marathon runner, then you will likely be doing a lot of cardio. If you want to do your cardio before your workouts, then it doesn’t matter because you will not be building much muscle. Instead of having an athletic frame, you will have a very skinny upper body and lean, sturdy legs.

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Now, if you are interested in getting a muscular frame, then the question of cardio before or after weights is a bit different. While it is still ok to do the cardio before you hit up the weights it is much better to do weights before cardio.


Well, if you are trying to bulk up, you need to hit the weights intensely, and instead of wasting a lot of your energy on cardio, you should be using it on weight lifting. You need to find the best weight training system that works for you.

I love doing sports like cardio. Doing my cardio this way is a lot better for me, as I find it annoying to do my cardio on a treadmill or stepper.

cardio before or after workout

I simply can’t do it; I focus too much on the time left instead of on how well I am doing. But, doing sports as cardio brings me to a good point.

I recommend doing your cardio on your off days. I feel that doing it this way helps to keep both aspects (the cardio and the weights) very intense.

It is pretty easy for me to do it this way because if I workout on the days I play sports, I don’t play as well, and I am a bit too competitive to allow that.

If you can’t do your cardio on your off days, then that brings us to the original question, should you do cardio before or after weights? I always suggest if you are doing your cardio and weights together, you do your cardio after weights.

This is because doing cardio after will allow you to put your all into the weights. After which you can jump on a treadmill and push it, you will already be a bit tired, so you should be able to get into the fat loss (super sweaty) zone quickly.

If you are wanting to do the two together, I suggest you checking out Interval Training.

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