Things to Avoid and Why

Alcohol – is loaded with calories and eliminates all of your efforts to losing weight. Stay away from this completely throughout your week-long diet plan.

Sugar – is very fattening and can be represented as a major risk factor in your quest to losing weight. Realize that even if you have an addiction to sweets that after just a few days of telling your mouth “no” to sweets, that you will find that you no longer have the need nor the want to eat sweets. Make sure that you are not putting sugar or honey in anything that you consume such as tea or coffee.

Salt – Absolutely no salt should be accompanying any portions of your meals. Salt only maintains water in your tissues and is very bad for both your kidneys and heart.

What Drinks Can I Consume During This Week?

Lots of Water – at least 8-10 glasses a day of water is the best form of quenching your thirst during a diet. Water helps to flush your system and also helps flush out any unwanted fat.

Plus, water has no sugars or additives and is the purest and clear liquid that you can consume during your week-long diet. Unsweetened Juices, Tea

Coffee – so maybe you don’t care for water and need more of a taste to your drink; why not try consuming at least 6-8 glasses of unsweetened fruit juice!

Fruit juice, like the fruit itself, contains high levels of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs throughout your diet! Like I said before if you are a coffee lover and can’t think of a morning not filled with a cup of coffee, that’s fine… however no sugars or creamers… just plain black coffee.

As for tea… green tea is the best to consume because of the herbs that are in green tea….

Again no sugars!

Choose one of the helpful diets to conquer your quest to lose a whopping 10 pounds in 7 days!

Make sure that you stick to the diet plan that you chose, and you will quickly see results and be amazed by the newly acquired figure that will have you jumping for joy the next time you look in the mirror!


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